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Case Study

ADV campaign and Fieracavalli 2019 communication

Concept development for Goodyear Dunlop Italy

New brand for dental implants: Mech&Human.

KF ADV agenzia di comunicazione Vicenza

Marmomac Visual identity & Environmental design

E-commerce, SEO & Web marketing Kelly Tires / Goodyear

Fashion Branding. Altacruna new brand

Jolì cosmetica identity

Advertising, Web design and social management Sandonauto

Brand identity Luce&Light

progetto di Inbound marketing - KF ADV digital agency Vicenza

Inbound marketing project, Isidoor by Topp

Brand video and Adv for Ebara Pumps Europe

Rebranding Sicurpal

Website and social management of Rapidglass

Web design & Strategy MM lampadari


Below The Line Lazzaris

Visual Identity 2 Emme Clima

Colpo&Zilio B2B Website

Communication strategy Inglot Cosmetics

web design - KF ADV web agency Vicenza

Web design Vicenza Calcio

Rebranding, Web design and ADV Campaign Enolitech 2019

P.O.P. Famila / A&O campaigns

Product branding and packaging Ine

Product Branding – Sonore by Belfiore

web design - KF ADV web agency Vicenza

Bassano Virtus Website