Below The Line Lazzaris

The Challenge

Lazzaris heads among the greats of Made in Italy food. Since 1901 it has based its production on ancient recipes, that are the secret for its fruit mustards and jams. The product recipients are wide-ranging, from large-scale distribution to the final consumer. They are are precisely those to whom Lazzaris wishes to show a new corporate face.

Jams and fruit mustards are the real ambassadors of the company and they immediately became the protagonists of our strategy. We reinvented their promotional format, which conveys the products identity through specific graphic choices. The long-term objective was to redefine Lazzaris’ positioning on the market, to make it a reference brand in its sector, and consequently to encourage people consumption habits.

The Approach

The first design phase focused on the need to streamline product communication. In particular, our contribution was about eliminating redundant graphic backgrounds, using updated font, adding support elements to make understand the degree of sweetness/spiciness and inserting images that show the fresh ingredients used by the company. The starting point was the photoshoots of the products, treated to express more freshness. The project was articulated in a layout that included all the elements in dynamic synergy, with packaging floating in the air.