Jolì Cosmetica Identity

The Challenge

Behale Group turned to us for a Jolì cosmetic products complete restyling. A complete but essential line that addresses a woman who has little time for herself and prefers natural cosmetics. The brand aimed to reach new market segments and to access to top-level perfumery.

The approach

The guiding headline of the whole project is “you are the essential“. It comes from an intuition inspired by the famous novel Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s Little Prince, “The essential is invisible to the eyes”.
In restyling the logo we followed the natural guideline of the upper arch and then we added a drop, which becomes an extension of the accent and takes on a creamy visual connotation. Then we designed a packaging that gaves the right importance to the natural composition of these products, especially in the colors choice. The paper packaging is a match-opening box, which seems to hold a jewel.
We created a special storytelling that accompanies the user through a sensorial journey, both in paper and digital. Every woman is thus encouraged to take care of herself in everyday life, remembering the essentiality of her value.

The Results

Today Jolì has a recognizable and distinguishable identity and image, which places it among the high perfumery brands. Moreover, it speaks to the world with the advantages of integrated communication, which starts with the product and ends to the digital wise.