TV commercial for the launch of the new O bag unique

1st prize at the
53rd Media Key Awards

Category “Special Effects and Animation”

An award given by the Media Key Publishing Group certifying teamwork and the ability to create new things, with courage and a desire to amaze.

Surreal environments and harmonious colours for a fairy-tale launch.

The launch of the O bag unique line comes with a satisfying video in 3D, with a mix of dreamy settings and metaphysical environments. Shapes and colours unite and come to life in an imaginary production process, where bags are born as if by magic in a succession of fluid situations in complete harmony. The result is a playful storytelling in which the brand captivates with new and unexplored facets.

The scheduling of the ‘telefilm’ is set for the Sky networks (TV8 and Cielo), Amazon and Twitch.

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