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Brian Dales.
A digital costume courtesy of KF ADV.

The fashion label Brian Dales has a history that began in 1955, and became an international brand in 2004.

The Brian Dales man likes to be noticed; he’s a bon viveur with a decisive personality. His style is slim fitting, elegant and iconic, with close attention to detail, while the Brian Dales woman is inspired by a femininity that seduces with class.


Following a preliminary analysis of the brand’s communications and the setting of objectives, we conceived and proposed a strategy geared to improving the brand’s performance both generally and, in particular, on its online store.
Our approach aimed to preserve the visual characteristics of the brand, while improving the impact of its communication. One challenge was to lower the age of the targets reached, by rebalancing the investment budget between social media and Google Ads.
Furthermore, in order to increase online sales, we allocated a staff member to the front and back office of the online store, to respond rapidly to users’ enquiries and handle orders before and after shipping.

Google Ads

Google Ads campaigns are an essential element of e-commerce. Our intervention particularly focused on optimising ad campaigns in Italy and abroad to reach targets who are genuinely interested and therefore convertible, and aiming for a new, broader audience.

With the same budget, interventions carried out by us led to










Social media management

If Google Ads was the shirt, social media would be the jacket. Our approach to social media was a complete change for the brand, with a shift from “triptych”-style editorials on Instagram to single posts expressing a timeless aesthetic culture and fashion. The management and optimisation of sponsored ad campaigns had a considerable impact on results. Our ongoing research and experience in digital is now employed in renewing the strategy for the current year, with the aim of further improving performance.


With the same budget, interventions carried out by us led to





Influencer marketing and product placement.
Where the story of the brand is told.

Numerous collaborations have impacted positively on the brand’s cult status and awareness, reaching an audience perfectly in line with the objectives set.

Andrea Dal Corso

I Negrita
Product placement
at the after-festival party
in Sanremo

Chef Giorgio Locatelli

Federica Panicucci
Mattino 5

Ficarra & Picone
Striscia la Notizia

Francesco Renga

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