Digital identity, UX, UI for the Domood brand homestage

Domood is the new portal
for finding the ideal
housing solution.


The name comes from the crasis of “Domus” and “Mood”.
The warmth of home meets human warmth in
a shared experience of spaces and connections.

The two elements are inextricably linked by the logo, which cleverly exploits a visual appeal that lights up the home and ignites curiosity.

The tagline is a promise: elation by the square metre.

The visual identity focuses on the themes dear to the brand: sustainability and the desire to dream big. The shading, somewhere between green and turquoise, is the binding agent that unites such values.
The use of black confers stability and brilliance. The saturation is then accentuated to give a typically digital connotation to the palette.

Designed for students and workers,
it offers sustainable spaces to live in and share.


Just as the graphics and photography dialogue with each other, creating a fluid identity and contaminating the spaces, the Domooders are also called upon to share experiences and places.
The outlined logo visually recalls the experience of the first visit to the home, allowing the viewer to peek inside the rooms and assess their style and qualities.
The individual is at the centre of the visual treatment, which exalts expressions and emotions.
In support of such, a coordinated set of icons and illustrations for the web facilitate use of the content.

The website is the flagship of the visual identity.
Without mincing words, UX strikes a chord with the brand. All the elements fit together for an extremely smooth and coherent navigation.
The advanced management of search filters and the subdivision of the ‘reasons why’ guide the user towards the ideal answer to their needs.
The storytelling celebrates change with smart language and no formalities.

The aesthetic and functional qualities were duly confirmed by a nomination for the Awwwards as “Site of the Day”, one of the highest awards for professionals in the field.

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