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The Challenge

Colpo & Zilio is a manufacturer and market leader in the production of jewelry clasps and works both for its own brand and on demand, developing customizations on behalf of third parties. The customer asked us to create a website for a BtoB market, both national and international: specifically, the request included an easily navigable and understandable interface that would highlight the many references of the catalog and would give the possibility to draft a list for a quotation. From an aesthetic point of view, on the other hand, the intention was to provide a refined, clean and elegant image, able to align itself with the main players in the sector.

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The Approach

We made a considerable work in rationalizing contents, in order to find the right solution for such a wide range of products. Each item in this extensive catalogue had to get the right prominence, even if the overall organization was led by market logic and technical-informatics constraints. Therefore, during the programming phase we developed a customized platform to respond adequately to all the specific requests. Our client, for example, needed to divide the articles into a few categories: we therefore studied a flexible structure that would allow us to summarize the various contents in the best way possible. We paid particular attention to the filters management, so that each product could be included in several categories with all its variations. Moreover, we activated automatisms to facilitate the direct contact between user and producer during the estimation phase.

KF ADV agenzia di comunicazione Vicenza

The Results

Our work has resulted in a showcase site including all the products in the catalogue, successively enriched by the company services and the producer’s jewellery collections. Including an adequate digital promotion campaign, our intervention immediately led to a traffic increase from target customers and a significant growth in requests for a quotation: today it represents the ideal tool to relate with the company and an effective channel for new leads acquisition.

Portale B2B - KF ADV agenzia di comunicazione Vicenza
KF ADV agenzia di comunicazione Vicenza
KF ADV agenzia di comunicazione Vicenza
KF ADV agenzia di comunicazione Vicenza

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