Without a method, it's a chaos. Discover our Circle Strategy Method

Circle Strategy Method

Any strategy is ineffective without a method.
And a process, in order to become a method, needs to be planned, tested, analyzed, applied in different fields, for a prolonged period of time.
Our Circle Strategy Method was born more than 10 years ago and it puts brands at the center of each intervention. It develops customized and omnichannel projects, where a rigorous analytical approach blends with a humanistic and perceptive vision of the product-service-customer relationship. In fact, thanks to a consolidated network of people, such as partners and professionals of proven quality, we are able to apply solutions and lessons learned from each one’s experience. In this way, we have multiple point of view about individual projects.
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Our method starts from here

he first step is to meet and get to know each other, to understand who you are, what your story is, your reference market and your brand promise. That’s why we want to correctly identify your brand distinctive value and summarize it in a multi-channel creative code.
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