Social trends 2024

Darika Lunardon
27 February 2024


Social media is an integral part of our daily lives, and over the years it has continued to evolve and influence the way we connect, inform ourselves and shop.

What social media trends will impact the digital landscape this year? In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 social media trends in 2024, offering a detailed analysis and informative perspective on what we can expect.


Video still the King

I video restano i re con una svolta a Lungo Termine

Video has become an increasingly popular form of content on social media, and this trend will continue into 2024. However, there will be a shift towards video in the long term.. Platforms like TikTok have already started experimenting with longer videos, up to 30 minutes.

TikTok is also encouraging users to post horizontal videos longer than 1 minute, promising to give this content a “‘boost in views’ within 72 hours of publication.

This indicates a greater preference for more in-depth and engaging video content. Businesses should consider including long-term video in their social media strategy to attract and engage their target audience.


Contenuti divertenti come nuova personalità di brand

Several brands are slowly moving to a more playful and fun tone. Companies are experimenting with creative ways to tap into meme culture and use language and web trends in an authentic way.

This approach allows you to connect more deeply with your audience and create a unique brand experience. Businesses should consider adopting fun and playful content across their social media (when appropriate) to create a distinctive brand personality.


Il Social Commerce rimane una tendenza

Social commerce, or the use of social media to make purchases, will continue to grow in 2024. Platforms like TikTok have already launched shopping in-appfeatures, making purchasing products directly from social media easier than ever.
Businesses should capitalize on this trend by opening online stores on platforms like TikTok, Facebook and Instagram, offering consumers an easy way to purchase their favorite products directly from social media.


Ottimizzazione SEO sui Canali Social

Search engine optimization (SEO) is no longer limited to websites only, but has become an essential practice for social channels as well. Social media platforms have become search engines , with many users using hashtags and keywords to search for information and discover new content. Therefore, businesses should take anSEO optimization approach to their social channels as well, ensuring they use the right keywords and hashtags to increase the visibility of their content.


Contenuti "behind the scenes"

The growing demand for authentic content translates into the need for brands to be more transparent about their business practices. Consumers are interested in knowing the ins and outs of companies, such as their supply chain, environmental practices, and diversity and inclusion policies.
Companies should create “behind the scenes” content that showcases internal processes, team and company values. Furthermore, they should be ready to answer consumer questions and provide clear and transparent information about their business practices.

Authenticity is also a key factor in engaging audiences across all social platforms. Consumers want to connect with brands that convey sincerity and consistency in their communication. Content authenticity not only improves engagement, but promotes trust and loyalty among consumers. This trend is very much in line with the social media approach, where creativity and human connection are key in creating brand messages.

Companies should therefore create authentic content that aligns with the brand’s values ​​and personality, and that resonates with their target audience. This requires an in-depth understanding of your audience and targeted messaging that is authentic and relevant.


Il Boom di Creators e Influencer

The creator and influencer economy is continually growing, and will become even more prominent in 2024. Content creators and influencers play a vital role in audience engagement and in the promotion of company products and services. Businesses should consider partnering with content creators and influencers to reach their target audiences authentically and effectively.

In the age of authenticity, creators and influencers lend an authentic, human voice and experience to social scrolling. And their place in brands’ social profiles will become increasingly important for connecting with the public.
TikTok’s continued dominance underscores the shift toward more authentic, unfiltered content. Brands will therefore increasingly leverage creators and influencers who can create compelling stories and connect with audiences on a personal level.


Assistenza personalizzata sui social

Personalized customer service has become a priority for many consumers, and businesses should take this into account in 2024. Consumers want fast, personalized assistance through social channels, such as timely responses to messages and personalized solutions to their problems.

Index reveals that consumers are not just looking for speed in responses, but 70% demand that these be personalized based on their specific assistance needs. Furthermore, 76% particularly appreciate it when businesses put customer service first, highlighting how those that don’t follow this direction end up falling behind. Companies are therefore already moving in this direction.

Offering effective customer support involves enabling seamless collaboration and communication between all teams involved, both in the customer service department and the marketing department. It is essential that teams are coordinated on the line of communication and tone to use on social media, optimal response strategies, the use of standard responses, updates to chatbots and much more.


Utilizzo regolare dell'Intelligenza Artificiale

The use of artificial intelligence to optimize work processes continues to be a key trend in the social media landscape, one that will continue into this year and beyond.

The 2023 Social Index™ shows that more than 80% of marketers have already perceived a positive impact of artificial intelligence on their work activities. You could be part of this statistic too. As well as simplifying content production and response management in customer support, AI is expected to take on an even more central role as both a marketing and customer support tool.

In 2024, an even stronger integration of artificial intelligence is expected in personalizing user experiences. Through the analysis of user data, artificial intelligence can offer personalized content recommendations, improve the effectiveness of chatbots in customer service and enhance targeted advertising strategies. This trend reflects an increase in the efficiency of content production, with AI tools becoming increasingly capable of simulating human interactions and creativity.

However, a change is anticipated for this year: despite the consolidated use of artificial intelligence, there has been an increase in the debate on ethics and the responsible use of AI.
It’s critical to use AI mindfully and ethically, instituting usage policies that protect both your brand and team members.


Dati social, una risorsa di valore

Social data has become a valuable resource for companies, and in 2024 it will become even more central. It will no longer be just the marketing team that uses social data, but also other departments such as customer service, research and development and sales management. Social data offers valuable insights into market trends, consumer preferences and growth opportunities. This information can play a crucial role for every sector and team within an organization, helping to improve various aspects of the business, from product design to customer service to public relations.

The Index highlights that 76% of marketers believe that insights gained from social media also make significant contributions to other departments of the company. This trend shows no signs of slowing, and businesses that neglect using social data for a broader business view will find themselves left behind. Additionally, diving into data analytics is an effective way to uncover new social media trends that can be applied to your owned content.

Companies should therefore invest in collecting and analyzing social data to make informed decisions and guide their business strategy.



2024 promises to be a year full of challenges and opportunities in the world of social media. Companies that follow these trends and adopt a strategy based on authenticity, creativity and the use of new technologies will have a greater chance of success in engaging their target audience and achieving their marketing objectives. Preparing for social media trends in 2024 is critical to staying competitive and relevant in the ever-changing digital landscape.