Social media trends to follow in 2021

Elena Scarso
20 January 2021


Technological development, which brings new innovations year after year, has profoundly changed our way of life. Today, in fact, we have the possibility of finding information with a simple click and interacting with millions of people around the world through social networks. The latter have influenced the way people relate, making it possible to shorten distances and relate to users even on the other side of the world. Social media, given their power and the vast audience they address, make it possible to raise people’s awareness of important issues, such as environmental sustainability, politics, health and much more.

Social media is also able to launch many trends that people enjoy following, and there are many new features expected for 2021 that we will analyze through this article.

In 2021, social media will launch numerous trends. Although the future is impossible to predict in the digital world, there are already strategies in place, developed based on the requests made by users during 2020. The definition of the new trends was also carried out through some interviews aimed at the most famous marketing experts in the world, to collect their thoughts and predictions for the coming year.


Social trends 2021

The 10 social media trends in 2021: sustainability, exclusivity, fight against fake news and discrimination

In essence,10 main trends that will be followed on social media in 2021 can be highlighted.

The first concerns the behavioral change on the part of the public, which is expected more socially aware. This means that they will be more attentive to issues such as environmental sustainability, inclusiveness, and rejection of all forms of discrimination. These new thoughts will obviously have repercussions on society, large companies and politics, which will have to adapt to the “will” of the immense social media population.

Another trend that will certainly take hold in 2021 is the fight against digital disinformation. How many times have we come across catastrophic articles, published to give visibility to the page concerned and which actually showed events that didn’t actually happen? These are fake news, now hated by social media users, who will certainly work to avoid the spread of this type of information on social media.

Another trend in sight concerns the main social networks, the giants of the web, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok and Twitter which for years have been revolutionizing our way of living and communicating with people. These giants will find themselves, even in 2021, in a situation of dominance of the digital scene, given the importance and size they have acquired. This does not mean that they will have to adapt and modify their characteristics according to consumer demands. An adaptation by the main social media to the public’s requests is therefore expected


Gaming platforms: a new social media channel to leverage

There will also be developments regarding the world of gaming, in fact one of the social media trends of 2021 will concern online games. The pandemic has forced most people at home and, especially young people, have taken advantage of the free time to turn on their consoles and enjoy playing online in the company of friends and strangers from all over the world. For this reason, social media have also equipped themselves to meet the requests of gamers, through the creation of pages entirely aimed at them, where the main topic of discussion is games. But not only that: gaming platforms or those related to this world become real social networks. Just think of Twitch.
Intercepting this change, several brands have begun to exploit the most famous gaming platforms to promote their products. Let’s also assume A well-known fashion brand has made the garments of the Autumn/Winter 2020 collection the clothing of the avatars of the players of an even more well-known video game. An original way to bring the young generations closer.


Social media trends 2021: from conventional marketing to nostalgic marketing.

Conversational marketing will be equally modified in 2021: the way of communicating with users, which has already changed over the years, will undergo further changes. You won’t just send a message and wait for the response, but you will start a dynamic conversation path, giving life to real interpersonal relationships, capable of lasting over time.

Nostalgic marketing will also be in vogue in 2021, and this is because 2020 certainly did not always give us only good experiences due to Covid 19. For this reason, in order to escape from these bad memories many brands will focus on nostalgic themes capable of reliving the good moments of the past, so as not to think about what happens in the present.

Everyone knows meme, which have been enriching our message boards for some time and are able to give us a smile. Also in 2021 one of the main trends will concern them, a direct, friendly and immediate means of communication. The important thing, however, is to laugh at it, so even if a brand is involved in one of these memes, it must be able to react in the right way and also turn the situation in its favor.

The old school always fascinates, in fact there are trends that never die and that come back into fashion after years of hiatus. It seems that for 2021 many of the old trends will come out of hibernation to attract web users. For example, an old advertising message could be broadcast within a podcast, which would effectively manage to involve a large number of people.


How communication on social media will change in 2021

There will be notable communication changes, adapted to the new social context, characterized by the 4Cs of Coronavirus Content. These are Cleanliness, i.e. hygiene, Compassion, i.e. understanding, Community and finally Contactlessness, i.e. absence of contact, which represent the aspects that brands must take into consideration to start a relationship with the public.

Finally, one of the latest trends to follow in 2021 is the one concerning the remix. It is the possibility of reproducing something, a song, a dialogue, also fueled by the latest social networks in vogue, such as Tik Tok. Through remixes companies can involve users, inviting them to publish content in their own way, i.e. remixed, so as to create a real trend on social networks.

Brands will therefore have to be able to adapt to the social, political and environmental changes of 2021, providing content capable of attracting consumers. The latter, on the other hand, will be able to choose between numerous trends to follow, the important thing is to do so with caution, without excesses and addictions, exploiting social media as a means capable of providing moments of light-heartedness.

If you are thinking about the new strategy to adopt on social media for 2021, we are available to create a winning plan together. Call us.