Satisfying videos: here’s why to include them in your digital strategy

Alberto De Gaspari
11 October 2021

What are satisfying videos? Why can’t people stop looking at them?
They are very popular on social networks and are contents with a decidedly high viral potential.
Imagine the blade of a knife slowly cutting a cylinder of colored play dough, creating thin slices that are all the same. Nice feeling, right?

By recording these actions and repeating them in a loop, what are created, according to many digital experts, are the videos of the moment: satisfying videos.

What are the reasons for the success of this particular type of video?
The vision of an action like the one described above, repeated several times, would cause the release of serotonin and dopamine in our brain, substances that generate feelings such as happiness and positivity.

They are the same substances responsible for the feelings we experience when we consume sugar, have sex or receive a notification on our phone.

Statistics tell us that watching satisfying videos helps you relax and calm your nerves. A good number of people even watch them to facilitate sleep.

But how do these videos relax us?
The answer must be sought in the theory of mirror neurons: watching someone perform a certain action causes the same neurological response in us that we would have if we did that action ourselves.
More simply, we find pleasure in watching a satisfying video as if we were ourselves cutting the clay with a knife.

Warning: not everyone has the same reaction towards satisfying videos, for some watching this content does not cause any reaction.

Why is integrating these videos into your digital strategy a good choice?

Simple, because the results speak for themselves:

  • the click-through rate on these videos is extremely high;
  • increases purchase intention;
  • the conversion rate is higher than conventional videos.

Don’t forget to analyze your audience first to understand if satisfying videos are suitable for your communication and to define a clear objective, otherwise the risk of wasting precious budget is very high.

When O bag asked us to launch the new line of unique bags on their social channels, we decided to make a satisfying surreal video. The creation of a fantasy world allowed us to tell the brand in a completely new and original way.

We imagined a fairytale assembly line where shapes and colors meet and come to life.

The birth of the bags happens as if by magic in a succession of fluid processes and in complete harmony.

The viewer’s eye yields to the magnetism of the video and, scene after scene, discovers the modeling of the product.

Curious to see the result? There he is.