Landing Page: everyone mentions it, few know what it is.

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Landing Page: everyone mentions it, few know what it is.

What’s a Landing Page?

Quite simply, a website page that does not appear within the website. There’s no trick, there’s no illusion: the explanation of its invisibility is very simple. It is a tool of inbound marketing, which uses the creation of educational content to reach the target of interest.

You create a Landing Page to provide the user with a series of information that you have no interest in making visible on your site. It could be temporary information or dedicated to a particular target: in both cases there is no reason for any web user to have access to it.

When to use it?

Generally, when you want to attract a certain audience to a certain product. And you do it with slyness: the topic you write about will most often be dedicated to arguments that are marginal to the product itself. Here’s an example: if I have to sell a thermos particularly resistant to extreme temperatures, in my Landing Page I will write about travel destinations whose climates are particularly warm or cold. With this gimmick, not talking directly about thermos, I will draw on the Landing Page – equipped with Facebook pixels – that segment of the audience that will most likely be interested in my product.

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So what?

So, the Landing Page can be an intrinsic part of the Ads pay per click strategy of Facebook and/or AdWords. By being able to track down the people who landed on my Landing, I can then “chase” them with dedicated campaigns that remind them of when they got carried away with the fantasy of a holiday in an exotic destination and how much they need my thermos. And then send them back to my online shop.

But that’s not all.

A Landing Page is a good tool to collect contacts. If done well, it is provided with a form that will allow users to leave their data. Data will then be used to create marketing campaigns to an audience or to increase the Newsletter mailing lists.

Of course, to obtain a user’s data, you have to give something in return. What? For example, a downloadable document with useful information, discounts on first purchase, and so on.

And once you’ve won the user?

Simple: don’t throw it away. Keep on nurturing with new content, even dedicated content: if you have created a personalized audience – on Facebook or as an audience of the Newsletter, you can address specifically to those who trusted you through the Landing Page.

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