How the marketing plan changes in 2021 (and in times of Covid)

Darika Lunardon
17 December 2020



Le nuove strategie digitali in tempo di Covid 19

Knowing the market and studying it at any time means achieving full mastery of marketing techniques and dynamics, understanding trends, anticipating them and obtaining greater visibility for your company.

Marketing strategies and plans indirectly regulate the global but also territorial business sectors, and in turn allow us to understand the right trend in relation to the changes in the economy. They anticipate flows and changes that can arise from external causes and the consequences of events, such as is currently happening following the Covid 19 pandemic that has hit the world.

This is why 2021 will be a year where marketing plans will need new innovative strategies, which adapt to this specific context in all its variables.


Il mercato eCommerce e l’importanza dello sviluppo tecnologico per le aziende

Globally, stock markets are being closed down, with markets engulfed by an unprecedented economic-financial crisis in almost all sectors. On the other hand e-commerce businesses, remain at a standstill and are demonstrating through digital marketing that they can withstand any impact and external destabilization. However, to optimize profits and choose the right strategies, it is essential to promptly understand how the market is changing and in which direction it is moving.

Our agency also moves hand in hand with these changes: we operate in the communication and marketing sector for allow companies to develop new plans by choosing the most innovative technologies. We support brands and entrepreneurs to overcome this particular period where consumer habits, company strategies and marketing plans are changing, as well as the way of approaching markets in any sector.

The boundary between physical shop and digital shop is increasingly thin, with the difference that eCommerce stores are able to overcome any economic crisis. In 2020, virtual shops recorded a notable increase in turnover, as happened in the past during the 2007 banking crisis: even then eCommerce proved to be the only sector not to suffer from the crisis, and indeed to record increases in sales.


Strategie di marketing durante il lockdown

During the lockdown in March we received many requests for help, advice and support from companies, small businesses and entrepreneurs in any sector. The concerns were about the development and design of digital solutions for remote monitoring. The prompt reaction gave us the opportunity to immediately address the problem as soon as it arose, to be prepared for the various consequences and to be operational for various companies to immediately find the most correct solutions.

Today there are more and more brands and entrepreneurs who rely on our team, precisely because we were among the first to enter 360° into strategy changes, working on marketing plans that were a response to the new needs brought by the era Covid. We are already prepared for 2021: our team has clear ideas on the most advanced technologies to provide innovative solutions to our customers.


Come cambiano le abitudini di consumatori e venditori con il digital marketing

Consumer habits have totally changed compared to last year, and will continue to change even from month to month: there will be a need for new marketing strategies to optimize profits and act on the market in a winning manner.
An example to give substance to our words: following the first wave of Covid 19 which hit Italy and then the rest of the world, there were not only very strong increases in consumption and purchases in large-scale retail trade, but There has also been a substantial increase in eCommerce, both in terms of the number of companies created and in terms of the turnover recorded by digital shops.
Consumer habits have changed radically, even those who had never purchased via eCommerce have dedicated themselves to online shopping for the first time. A change of great importance that all companies, whether small or large, must take into account. The data is available on finance and statistics platforms, but it is not the numbers that interest us, at least for now.

Be careful, though! This change was not entirely sudden, already in recent years the Web had got its hands on the market, revolutionizing classic marketing and switching it to digital marketing, capable of operating through different channels, in fact today we talk about multi-channel digital marketing. What does this mean?


Nuovi piani di marketing digitale multicanale

It means that every brand or entrepreneur must necessarily own a company website and share contents, products, services and the virtual showcase, through the most used social networks, to be visible and sweep away competitors.

If on the one hand you have more job opportunities through the web, on the other hand you need to equip yourself to face the incredible competition at a national, international or global level. Here is the need to approach this channel in a thoughtful and careful way: planning must be done, strengths must be found, competition must be analyzed, the right platform must be set up, promotion can be done.
During this growth process it is important to have a communication agency at your side capable of optimizing multimedia processes and intervening with new marketing plans adapted to the Covid era and increasingly innovative.

All brands that operate in an offline market have felt the need to readapt to change and follow consumer habits. This need applies both to brands that operate globally and to local businesses.


Strategie e piani di marketing dal futuro: un esempio pratico

This title is not random, but arises from a specific need in the world of marketing, namely that of preventing the future. This means implementing winning communication and marketing strategies and always being one step ahead of your competitors or marketing itself.

Throughout history we have very often witnessed the creation of innovative promotional strategies that have achieved success that could not have been predicted.

A practical example of a winning communication and marketing plan of a brand that has adapted promptly to market needs is certainly that of a famous beer brand (let’s not mention names 😉 ) which since the beginning of the lockdown has been able to convert the its own communication strategy, implementing numerous initiatives to support the sectors in crisis in which it operates.

With #unabirraperdomani, funds amounting to half a million euros were raised to support the restaurant sector, seriously damaged by the crisis and the lockdown. Furthermore, by doing so, this famous brand has increased its fame by increasing its turnover.


Anticipare i trend è sempre meglio che seguirli

This dynamic digital communication and marketing strategy is a virtuous example of an effective and winning communication plan, even in a critical context like the one we are experiencing.

Precisely because several unprecedented and never easy to predict scenarios could open up, it is essential to understand how Covid 19 will influence digital marketing strategies and plans for 2021: anticipating trends is better than following them.

The digitalisation process underway for all aspects of our lives – from the social to the work, even the medical and catering sectors – has above all the human factor behind it. In fact, it is wrong to think that digitizing means entrusting the relationship with the customer exclusively to cold technology; on the contrary, it consists instead of the opposite, that is, forming a more solid and human bond.

Digitalization allows the breaking of space-time barriers: on the one hand the product or service offered reaches the end customer via social channels, on the other it makes products or services available that customers can purchase with a simple click.

Thanks to an innovative and effective digital marketing plan in times of Covid, companies’ communication becomes not only immediate but also analytical, allowing them to maintain a direct relationship with customers even in a period of lockdown, when no one can leave their homes and there are fewer people passing through the streets of the city or the streets of the country. In this sense, the Web has become an interactive window on the world, where it is possible to look out and have an entire universe just a click away.


Mettere in atto strategie di marketing efficaci nel 2021

Marketing plans for next year will change, following the digital path towards the multimedia horizon. If in past years these changes have occurred gradually, the process is about to accelerate by taking advantage of the decline of events, which is why it is essential not to fall behind and implement an innovative marketing plan.

To offer you an effective service and help you create an innovative marketing plan in 2021, in a period in which the restrictions due to the lockdown will continuously change the fundamental rules of communication plans, we make our experience in the technological sector available to develop the promotional campaigns with the highest performances.

We help togenerate leads in the B2B sector, to develop national and international marketing campaigns. We work to help our clients build vertical content and improve their positioning on search engines from an SEO perspective.

A website must be intuitive and provide a pleasant experience: our team can enhance its content design, to offer a fluid user experience and allow your customers to use the services or easily purchase the product that your company offers for sale.

We make available our passion for technology, study and the best experience, to provide answers by studying the market through the most innovative methodologies of scenario analysis, construction of User Personas strategies, i.e. personalized based on the sectoral needs of the brands.

Our mission is to offer the best definition of ordinary communication strategies and marketing plans, but above all suitable for the Covid era. Being already projected towards 2021 and predicting trends through the most advanced digital marketing strategies is the right path to take to achieve success in the eCommerce world.

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