HtoH – Human to Human: a new ʇuᴉod ɟo ʍǝᴉʌ.

From carts to cars, from markets to malls, internet, phones: everything changes, everything evolves.

The relationship between consumers and brands changed over the years, and that’s why today approaches such as BtoB and BtoC are now outdated.

Consumers want to interact with brands to feel involved, appreciated and touched.

Also people who works inside companies are consumers. And we address all of them.

The Human to Human (HtoH) approach is based on understanding people, their needs, and all the levers that lead them to purchase or interaction decisions.

Because, first and foremost, we deal with people every day.

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The human being at the centre

We believe that the person, considered as a whole and in their humanity, must continue to be our inspiring principle and the authentic reference point for all our communication activities.
Every day we start with this concept to analyze company positioning strategies, reflect on the target audience of each product, develop paths and methods of interaction with different targets, imagine new implementations and creative ideas, realize user-centered designs, and then adapt our language to our interlocutors’.
We put the human being at the centre and we aim to maximize the usability and the understanding of each tool we utilise to communicate.

A methodical approach

An approach is a vision, a way of thinking, a belief. But, in order to be put into practice, it needs a tested method that brings actual and monitorable results. That’s why we developed our Circle Strategy Method.