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Vicenza (Italy) based Communication Agency

We are a Branding & Advertising Agency, a communication agency focused on brand creation and brand management.
We believe in an increasingly HtoH – Human to Human– approach, based on understanding people’s behavior.
From communication strategy, to advertising campaigns and web marketing, we passionately work to create unique and distinctive brands, accompanying companies and brands on a path aimed to improve and increase their brand awareness.

KF ADV agenzia di comunicazione Vicenza
Our method

We define objectives. We build strategies. We develop your brand. To do this, we apply our Circle Strategy Method to each communication program, by using the marketing tools that best suit to our client’s objectives.
This is the method we developed in ten years of experience and it is applicable to each branch, because it combines different aspects: analytical data, multidisciplinary comparisons, creativity, new trends and technological skills. It aims to identify and enhance the true strengths of each brand, and to achieve concrete and measurable results. If you want to know more about how KF ADV method works,


Case studies and realized projects

Digital marketing for fashion brand

Campagna ADV - KF ADV agenzia di comunicazione Vicenza

ADV campaign and Fieracavalli 2019 communication

Concept development for Goodyear Dunlop Italy

New brand for dental implants: Mech&Human.

E-commerce, SEO & Web marketing Kelly Tires / Goodyear

Fashion Branding. Altacruna new brand

Advertising, Web design and social management Sandonauto

Brand identity Luce&Light

progetto di Inbound marketing - KF ADV digital agency Vicenza

Inbound marketing project, Isidoor by Topp


Our areas of expertise

Brand Identity

Web & E-commerce


Social Media Management

Experience Design

Multimedia & Digital Interaction

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